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We invite you to watch a short presentation on Swiftmode's Hyperclean Under-Stencil SMT Wiper Roll Technology and to read our new
which explains the advantages and disadvantages of the various stencil cleaning fabric products on the market

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Swiftmode's Hyperclean Under-Stencil SMT Wiper Roll Technology

Menara Perdana Headquarters

Swiftmode are the Developers and Manufacturers of Hyproclean SMT  Under Stencil Cleaning Rolls.

  Proven Superior Cleaning Performance especially in ultra fine pitch situation.

The only 100% recyclable cleaning roll in the market

  •  Up to 40% more prints per cleaning cycle
  •  Best vacuum performance,  Less re-work
  •  More metres per roll reduces line downtime
  • Solder paste and balls trapped in the fibres
  • No Loose Fibres to block apertures
  • Non-abrasive - longer stencil life
  • Dry and wet strength the same - no swelling
  • Lowest Environmental Impact



Swiftmode have developed a revolutionary, innovative process to clean the inside of Polyshield CT Static  Shielding bags. Traditional methods are very expensive , however, Swiftmode's I.P. process makes clean bags affordable. WE CAN CLEAN 2> MICRON PARTICLES TO LESS THAN 3 per cm2! Swiftmode issue an independent Liquid Particle Count test report for each batch. Swiftmode will continue to develop our unique system and our latest production run LPC test result was Zero particles. We will refine our system to clean 1> microns in the coming months.


Swiftmode products are available throughout Asia via Swiftmode Philippines and distributors in other countries. Please go to our Contacts page for full details of distributors world-wide.


The Swiftmode approach is all about being user-friendly and flexible so that we can consistently meet the demands of our customers.

      We are upgrading to ISO 9001:2015

Swiftmode Malaysia has now been in business for 29 years 

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