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Bags - Moisture Barrier Bags

Polyproof MT1000 Metallised Moisture Barrier Bags

This is a 95 microns (3.8 mils) thickness bag with an 18 lbs puncture resistance.

Polyproof JEDEC Bag

Polyproof MT1000 meets the requirements of the industry standard MIL-81705C type 1 class 1 and has an MVTR/WVTR of 0.30 grms per sq mtr per 24 hrs or 0.02 grms per 100 sq inches.

Polyproof MT1000 provides moisture and ESD protection for short term storage products such as Tape and Reel and Tubes.

Just in time logistics have reduced the time components spend in stock, which makes Polyproof MT1000 an ideal, cost-effective packaging medium.

These  bags are also available with a ziplock function for re-use. The zipper track is also anti-static to minimise any charges when opening the bag.