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Plastic Rhino

A view from the sharp end of the industry, by Dennis O'Brien, Swiftmode's Head Honcho.

Distributors Required
Tuesday, 14 July 2015
Swiftmode has opportunities for New Distributors
Lower Cost Manufacturing for Electronics
Wednesday, 08 July 2015
The technology to make electronic systems more reliable alongwith high yield, low cost manufacturing is having a major impact on the electronics industry.
Paper Cores
Thursday, 02 July 2015

Dateline July 2015


Some users of SMT Stencil Wiper Rolls seem to be wary of using wiper rolls with paper cores.

However, the majority of stencil wiper rolls contain 50% or so of cellulose which is in direct contact with the stencil. Where there is cellulose there are loose fibres and particles. The paper core  is far away from any contact with the stencil.

Most of the paper cores on the market are made using recycled test paper to the loose standards in place as they do not have critical  requirements as stncil wiper rolls. Swiftmode have recently made sweeping changes to the construction of our paper cores to use high quality kraft paper and a new high tech adhesive. These innovations reduce any particulation and result in a much stronger core. Paper cores can be easily recycled within the paper chain

The plastic cores are made from UPVC which is a highly chlorinated polymer with a Very High Environmental Impact.

Enough said


Focus on Quality
Thursday, 28 November 2013

Dateline:    November 2013


The purchasing process tends to focus primarily on price these days and this sort of tunnel vision means that purchasers often miss out on those Real cost savings that go with consistent quality and high performance through innovation.

Swiftmode  are the only company to develop a product specifically for the Under Stencil Cleaning process. We were able to have a vision that pitches and apertures would become smaller and smaller and so had to innovate a product, Hyperclean, that could cope with the super fast developing demands of under stencil cleaning.

Hyperclean is proven by evaluations and our increasing penetration into the market to have the best cleaning perfomance of any cleaning roll currently available. The vacum cycle is CRITICAL in small aperture situations and no product can match Hyperclean's vacuum performance.


Customers have reported cost savings upto 40% by increasing boards per wipe, up to 50% less I.P.A. usage and a dramatic reject reduction in 01005 passive components.

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